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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I depend on local customers, why do I need to advertise online?
  2. What is the value of the FindULocal Online Search Listing?
  3. I already have an ad in the print YellowPages, do I still need FindULocal services?
  4. Is my information safe with you?
  5. How much traffic can I expect from a FindULocal Online Search Listing?
  6. What is local search?

1. I depend on local customers, why do I need to advertise online?

Simply put, you need to advertise online since that is where your customers are looking for you - and in ever increasing numbers. Your customers are online looking for local places to buy your products or services. Recent studies have shown that 70% of UK households use the internet when making local buying decisions. In contrast, yellow pages advertising and local newspaper advertising are becoming less effective as their user base moves online for quicker access to richer information.

2. What is the value of the FindULocal Online Search Listing?

Simplicity, affordability, and effectiveness. The program makes advertising online extremely simple. We take the information that you provide and use it to craft business listings. The program is affordable. We provide the service at a rate that is lower than most business owners could do it themselves.

We take care of your online marketing

so that you can take care of your business.

Above all else, the program is effective. With your Online Search Listings in all the leading local search engines, we provide your business with an exceptional reach in the marketplace. Any marketing campaign is only as effective as the sales it helps generate. An Online Search Listing will help make your phone ring and get people through your door.

3. I already have an ad in the print YellowPages, do I still need FindULocal services?

The simple answer is "yes", but you probably want to know why... The usage of print Yellow Page books is decreasing while the usage of local search engine applications is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, over 400 million local searches are done each month, and this number continues to grow. You cannot afford to ignore the growing segment of the population that depends on the internet for their local business information.

4. Is my information safe with you?

Yes. We only use your information to promote your business online. Complete details are available in our Privacy Policy. Also, we do not store any of your credit card information. All credit card processing is handled by PayPal, the world leader in secure online credit card processing.

5. How much traffic can I expect from a FindULocal Online Search Listing?

There is no set amount of traffic you can expect as it really depends on how popular your particular products or services are and what geography you offer them in.

6. What is local search?

Local search is the next step in search engine technology. By now you have probably heard of Google – in fact you probably use it on a weekly or daily basis. They are exceptional tools for finding information and businesses on the web. Local search is the use of this technology to find information and business in the geographic area local to the user. This is what local search promises and this is why your local business must take advantage of it.

From our clients...

I was somewhat dubious when we first spoke due to my previous dealings with a UK based SEO company, with whom I had spent a hefty sum of money in order to get our site onto the 1st page of Google, but they did not deliver.
You, however, have come up to all our expectations.
With your team at FindULocal, in just under 4 weeks, you have managed to get the Brenton Beach House onto the front page of Google Maps using all the search words we agreed on.
Thank you for this.
Due to the increased traffic to our web site now, we have been able to put our Google Ad word campaign on hold.
Derrick Coetzer
Brenton Beach House

After many, many phone calls from people promising us the world on Google, yours was the first where we sat up and listened, simply because you were genuine, showed passion for what you do and instilled a confidence that you would deliver! We have not been disappointed! There has been a marked increase in bookings directly from our website and Find-U-Local has certainly ‘put us on the map’. Thank you for your professionalism, constant feedback and the care taken to assure your customers that you have their best interests at heart. Rare these days!!
John & Cathy Bayett
Kingston House B&B

We have three accommodation destinations - a guest house in Randburg and two serviced apartment offerings in Cape Town. I tried to do my own Maps listings - to no avail and FindULocal contacted me just in time to save my sanity. This is our third year and of all our marketing, this expenditure is the most essential. FindULocal stays in touch and keeps abreast and does a fantastic job. I can thoroughly recommend them as the most essential internet marketing service, that has placed us exactly where we want to be when people search.
Lynda van Niekerk
Ninety North Guest House

Thank you for getting our self catering and B&B on Google’s first page.
I can see the difference in enquiries already.
It was money wisely spent.
Nita van Zyl
A Cherry Lane B & B

Many thanks to FindULocal for helping to direct traffic to our website. Since signing up with Find-u-local we have had a marked increase in enquiries and bookings. We are delighted with the professional and efficient service that we’ve received and would highly recommend the use of your services to any business needing to increase website traffic.
Brenda Dexter
Zest Holidays

The staff at FindULocal have always taken the time and effort -from the beginning in 2012- to go the extra mile in helping to find solutions, fine-tuning, innovating and bringing about results that in turn help secure consumer confidence down the line, enabling business growth in a highly competitive environment. Thanks to the SEO services from FindULocal, we have started to make our mark on Google which is very exciting.
Nicolette da costa-schmidt

After 18 months with FindULocal our website bookings have far outclipsed any others and our season April to October is already over 40% booked. We are up there on the first page and have faith that FindULocal will keep up with the latest Google criteria to enable us to maintain our position.
I have only the highest recommendation for this team. Thank you."
Margaret Fong